Affiliate/Sponsorship Program Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TunerStickers Affiliate/Sponsorship Program?

The TunerStickers Affiliate/Sponsorship Program is a program that allows the car community to help build our brand while earning themselves a commission that can be redeemed here at TunerStickers to get free products.

After registering and being approved for the program the affiliates/sponsor will receive a unique referral and coupon code to share with their audience/followers/friends which when used to make a purchase will result in the affiliate/sponsor receiveing a 15% commission from the purchase total which they can then redeem for any product offered on TunerStickers.

How can I sign up for the TunerStickers Afffiliate/Sponsorship Program?

Signing up to become a TunerStickers Affiliate/Sponsor is super quick and easy!

– Click the Affiliate/Sponsor Tab and go to Affiliate/Sponsor Registration.
– Fill in all the fields for the form shown on the page.
– Agree to the TunerStickers Affiliate/Sponsorship Program Terms of Use.

Once completed we’ll receive your request to become an Affiliate/Sponsor and you’ll receive a pending approval e-mail to the e-mail you registered with. Now you’ll have to wait until we go in and approve your application before you can start referring.

What is a Referral URL and how do I make commission?

The Referral URL is what you share with your audience/followers/friends to be able to make commission off of their purchases.

The way it works is when they click the unique URL tracking cookies are left on their computer/device that tells TunerStickers you brought them here. These tracking cookies are left on their computer/device for 30 days so if they make any type of purchase at TunerStickers during that time you are automatically awarded 15% of that sale which can be used towards product for yourself from TunerStickers.

How do I get my Referral URL and Coupon Codes?

Once you’ve been accepted to the Affiliate/Sponsorship Program you can login to the Affiliate/Sponsor Dashboard.

To login go to the Affiliate/Sponsorship Tab and click on the Affiliate/Sponsorship Login page. Once you’re logged in you’ll be able to create your own Referral URL, see your coupon code, track sales commissions and find media to share with your audience/followers/friends.

How can I redeem my commission?

You’ve made a sale! Someone clicked your Referral URL and made a purchase at TunerStickers and you’ve been awarded 15% commission.

To redeem this commission you need to be logged into your Affiliate/Sponsorship account and start shopping. Add whatever products you’d like to your account and start the checkout process by going to your cart and clicking “Proceed to Checkout” you will now be welcomed with a message telling you your account balance and asking you if you’d like to use it, click “Apply” and the amount will instantly be deducted from your order total.