No Shave November (Movember)

I Mustache you a question… but i’ll shave it for later!

It’s that time of year again, it’s the one month where you can leave the razor in the drawer and walk around town looking like a scruff without anybody looking at you like a bum. Yup, it’s No Shave November, AKA Movember. Movember began to raise awareness of prostate cancer, and other male cancer initiative, you can read more about it at

I’m sure everybody knows or has heard of someone with some type of cancer, and cancer research has come a long way over the last few years, but they need more money to continue with this extensive research and therefore Movember is a perfect way for everybody to fund-raise and donate, including us!

We’ve made a line of Moustache and Beard stickers which will be on sale for a limited time (The month of November) with each sale of any of the moustache/beard/goatee decals we’re going to Donate 25% of the profits to Cancer Research through the Movember website! You get a cool sticker, and Cancer Research gets to continue, what isn’t cool about that!

Check out all our cool designs!

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